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Client: London Underground Limited
Project: Rolling Stock Maintenance Manager

Xanta provided an experienced and capable manager and engineer to manage the maintenance and continued performance of rolling stock on the Docklands Light Railway network.

Client: London Underground Limited
Project: Rolling Stock Safety-Critical Items

Xanta undertook a review for London Underground to assess their exposure to risk through the supply of rolling stock safety critical items. The review considered the process for the supply and assurance of rolling stock safety critical items, including all … Read More »

Client: London Underground
Project: SSR OS7/8/9 – Signalling Solutions for Ove Arup

London Underground is introducing longer trains on the sub-surface (SSR) lines, with an additional carriage. Alterations were needed to the existing signalling system to accommodate the additional train length. Xanta were engaged by Arup to provide design support, expertise, mentoring … Read More »

Client: London Underground Limited
Project: Rolling Stock Resource Planning

Xanta was appointed by London Underground Limited to produce a technical resource planning model and application for the deployment of their technical resources. Xanta worked in collaboration with LU to develop the resource planning model and configure the data and … Read More »

Client: Serco Docklands Limited
Project: Signalling Performance Improvement Project

Xanta undertook a series of iterative studies that were aimed at providing Signalling Performance Improvement. We worked directly with and in close collaboration with the DLR Franchisee, Serco Docklands Limited. These studies included identifying opportunities for performance improvement, assessment of … Read More »

Client: Signalling Solutions Limited
Project: LU Automatic Train Control (ATC) Bid – Sub-Surface Lines

Xanta provided expert resources for the installation of signalling on the sub-surface lines of London Underground, as part of the Siemens/Alstom ATC Re-signalling Bid Team. We undertook signalling estimating, planning, design engineering, installation expertise assessment, and document production. This involved … Read More »

Client: VGC Group (London Underground)
Project: LU Cross-Track Cabling Project

Xanta provided a full signal design service for the replacement of cross-track signalling on the Metropolitan Line, together with correlation, testing and commissioning services on-site.

Client: BAM Nuttall
Project: LU Neasden Depot Upgrade

Xanta provided Technical Officer and Functional Tester resources to the Neasden signalling upgrade Project Team. Initially, these were supplied via the main civil contractor, BAM Nuttall, but subsequently Xanta supplied support on the Project direct to London Underground. The team … Read More »

Client: London Underground Limited
Project: Signal Design Investigation – Hammersmith Depot

Xanta conducted an investigation in to the processes and circumstances that led to a flawed signalling design being implemented within Hammersmith Depot. We produced a comprehensive investigation report which included recommendations, that when adopted, will prevent reoccurrence of such incidents … Read More »