Xanta is railway consultancy firm with a difference.

We understand all aspects of railway service provision and repeatedly deliver successful outcomes and solutions for our Clients. We are able to do so because our people are second to none in terms of their experience, expertise and ability.

Xanta was founded by leaders within the railway industry that saw the potential to introduce a new consultancy firm that was able to offer core Design Services and also provide Railway Engineering Consultancy Services based upon the skills and knowledge of some of key individuals.

It took time from the initial idea for the vision to emerge and the Company was created in 2007.

Xanta’s first commission came in the form of a significant leadership and engineering management role on a new tram project. Others then joined Xanta and the capability was expanded to include signal and control system design and engineering services. Xanta was able to build upon relationships to develop new business and grow the corporate experience.

The next stage in the firm’s evolution was to acquire a Central London office in early 2010 and at the same time moved away from working with clients through competitor firms and established direct links with client organisations wherever possible.

We have successfully built relationships with the Transport for London (TfL) family of organisations and continue to support them (and others) in making their technology work better, through improved understanding of the systems, good leadership and enhancement to management process.

Xanta has the credibility that we have a proven ability to undertake management and engineering consultancy services, and are also able to offer signal design services; that requires a level of rigorous application of standards, process and also requires a certain creativity to develop workable designs.

Xanta has demonstrated that we are highly responsive to Client requirements and needs. We assist through collaboration in defining the required outcomes and then deliver those outcomes.