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Client: London Overground
Project: ELR Asset Management

Xanta assisted the East London Line division of London Overground in the implementation of their SAP-based AMIS systemwhich had reached the stage where ELR was clear that a necessary route to enabling its full and intended use entailed a restructuring … Read More »

Client: Docklands Light Railway Limited
Project: Refranchise Asset Condition Audit Team

Xanta is supplying Docklands Light Railway Limited with a team of specialist engineers to conduct asset condition audits across the DLR network, in advance of the refranchising of train service and maintenance in 2014. The consultants have used the asset … Read More »

Client: Docklands Light Railway Limited
Project: Asset Condition Classification and Audit

DLRL commissioned Xanta to advise and undertake assessment of asset condition for City Airport (CARE) and Woolwich Arsenal (WARE) Concession areas with a view to evaluating whether DLR were obtaining value for money from the Contract arrangement. Xanta performed the … Read More »